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Charnwood Freestanding STOVE ARC 5 with Stand

Output: 5kW (range 2-7kW)
Material: Plate steel, cast iron, fire bricks, ceramic glass




  1. Black
  2. Gunmetal
  3. Green
  4. Brown
  5. Bronze
  6. Blue
  7. Pewter
  8. Almond

Instructions & Specifications


Charnwood ARC 5 Freestanding STOVE with Stand

The Charnwood Arc is a revolutionary new multi-fuel stove. It simplifies the process of burning wood and smokeless fuels setting the bench mark for a new generation of modern, clean burning stoves.

Engineered from the very best combination of materials the Arc utilises years of research and development into low emission burning.

Beneath the Arc’s clean, modern lines lies an innovative new combustion system that ensures the stove burns exceptionally clean with outstanding efficiencies of over 80%. So much so the Arc exceeds the new Eco Design standards and DEFRA exemption limits.

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