Installations of our products are all done by suitably qualified installers with many years experience. It is of the utmost importance that all our fireplaces are installed safely and to European standards. The correct flue system, cowl and water proofing system is very important for your fireplace to operate at its very best. Our company offers you a full one stop experience (sales, installation, repairs, maintenance and chimney sweeping).

Regular maintenance will ensure that your fireplace will last for many years.

Ten ways to ensure a safe heating experience

  • Crumple approximately 10 sheets of newspaper and load your firebox with as much dry kindling (small pieces of wood) as possible. If it is very cold, place a few pieces of crumpled newspaper on top of the kindling.
  • Pull your riddling arm out (if the unit has one) and make sure that your primary and secondary airflow is fully open.
  • Light your fire, leaving the door slightly ajar (10mm). Allow the kindling to burn for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Add more kindling and a couple of split logs. Allow burning for approximately another 10-15 minutes. You should now have a good bed of coals.
  • Add 3 to 4 normal logs and allow burning for approximately 5 minutes before locking down your door.
  • Once a comfortable temperature in your room is attained, the air supply into your firebox can be reduced so as to increase the burn time of the logs. They must however always burn with a flame to prevent your glass from blackening.
  • Burning with your door open for extended periods of time is not recommended as it may cause damage to your unit.

First burn of your fireplace

  • Repeat steps 1 – 4
  • DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR as it is imperative that your paint needs to cure.
  • An approximate burning time of 3 – 4 hours is recommended, preferably during the day as a chemical smell and smoke fumes off the unit may arise.

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