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The Woodstove and Kitchen Company was started in 2014. We sell, install and service Godin, DRU, Jydepejsen and Kratki fireplaces, as well as kitchen stoves, hobs, extractors and braais. The aim of the Woodstove and Kitchen Company is to offer our clients alternatives backed by superb service and quality fireplace products. The fireplace industry in South Africa has seen a huge growth in closed system fireplaces over the last 25 years. There is now a choice that can be made from over 60 different fireplace brands.

Most of these brands have European approvals with excellent high efficiency ratings as well as very low emission outputs. You now have the choice of full cast iron units or steel units offering you convection or radiant heat outputs.

So, how do you choose a Woodstove Fireplace when confronted with such a wide choice?

Firstly, you decide on a particular style that interests you, whether it be modern, contemporary or old world. You then need to look at the area that you want to heat and this becomes more complicated as most imported units claim ±15m² per kilowatt,

which is correct if you have a well-insulated home with double glazing etc. To be sure of the correct fireplace or woodstove choice in an average South African home rather work on 10m² per kilowatt.

Full cast iron units offer you the ability to store heat that is distributed in an even manner and will continue to give off heat long after the fire has gone out.

This is true for both the cast iron radiant and convection fireplaces.The added advantage of a convection system is, simply put, the air that flows between the firebox and outer casing warming the room quicker and more effectively. However, a radiant unit will have the same effect in a draughty SA home where there is lots of air movement.

Probably the biggest concern when purchasing a closed system fireplace should be:

  1. Are parts readily available and at what price?
  2. How much maintenance does the fireplace require every year and what will that cost?
  3. Is the fireplace the correct size for the room I want to heat?
  4. Does the fireplace carry any guarantees?Most woodstove and fireplace manufacturers offer a 10 year guarantee on the outer casing of the fireplace but no guarantee on what happens in the firebox as all parts are considered consumable and will need to be replaced at some stage.

Burning your fireplace correctly and using well-seasoned wood will increase the life span of the parts within the firebox. Regular servicing (once a year) during the summer months will ensure that your fireplace or woodstove will be ready for the cold, wet winter months.

What you get from a closed system fireplace over a traditional open fireplace is efficiency (75-85%), safety and economical wood usage (using a third of the wood) with an excellent heat output.


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